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Basic Windows Tools:
  • CCleaner Slim version by Piriform - An excellent windows system cleaner. It is free and easy to use. This program will cleanup the temporary files left by Windows© and many other popular programs. Windows lets these files get very large and it will slow your computer down. Plus it can clear your history files and cookies from a number of popular browsers. Hint do not change any of the settings. Doing so, can cause you lots of headaches if you do not know what you are doing. Also, do not use the Registry Cleaner or the Tool Box until you are an expert. Run this program at least two times a week!

  • Spybot- Search & Destroy by Safer Networking Ltd - Free application to scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software. Also, has a number of other features in its professional mode. Don't go into this mode as it can cause you a number of problems. Only experts should use this mode. Run at least twice a week and update the detections before scanning. Do not use TeaTimer.

  • SpywareBlaster by Javacool Software LLC - Free program that prevents you going to websites that are dangerous to your computer. To use this program just run it and select Updates, then select Enable all Protection. That's all there is to it. Just check for updates weekly and remember to enable all protection.

  • Avast! by AVAST Software AS - Excellent anitivirus program. Get the free version. Make sure to not have any other antivirus program running on your computer. Having more than one will cause more problems, not less. It will also, scan your email and any files you download. The paid version adds firewall protection. Note I have not used the paid version and have no knowledge of how good it is.

  • Faststone Image Viewer by Faststone Soft - A very versatile image viewer. Its free and has many great features. It has a camera download feature, the ability to make any picture your wallpaper on your computer, works with a scanner, and many other very useful features.

  • Revo Unistaller Free by VS Revo Group - A very good program unistaller that is safe to use and will clean up the mess left behind when just using the programs own uninstaller. Follow the on screen directions carefully and only use the moderate unistall mode. Follow the prompted directions exactly!

  • Quicksys RegDefrag by BMSostwar In - A free Registry defraging program. What it does is remove wasted space and any fragments that build up over time. Thus, optimizing the Windows registry. Doing this will increase system performance. It is safe and is easy to use.

  • TimeLeft by NesterSoft Inc. - Did you ever want to change how the time is displayed? Well this program does that and more. Need to be reminded when an auction is ending, this does that! It has different clocks for multiple time zones, countdown timers and more. Great little program.
  • BatteryCare by Filipe Lourenço - If you have a laptop, then you need this freeware program. It keeps track of the percent battery level, time left on battery and the temperature of both the hard drive and cpu. It is small and has some other neat features.

  • Free Ringtone Maker by MuseTips - Want to create a ringtone from music on your computer? Well this freeware program is for you. It is an easy to use program with good features.
  • Free CD Ripper by Spesoft - Need to take music off a CD to your computer? This freeware program is for you. It is a program with many good features. You can download your music in the following audio formats: WMA, MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG, and FLAC. Also, it will automatically retrieve album information (for example, artist, genre, and track names) and downloads album artwork from the Web. Note that when installing to opt out of the toolbar!
  • Process Lasso by Bitsum Technologies- Need to speed up your computer without buying a new one. Wish your computer was more stable? Well this is the program that will do it! Comes in 32-bit or 64-bit versions
  • Foxit Reader by Foxit Software- Want a better PDF reader than the one Adobe makes, well here it is. Its fast, works well and is easy to use. Plus you can create your own PDF file(s) with this program and it works as well as Abobe Reader does.


Note: Look for these programs thru a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!.


Internet Browsers and Email Utilities :

  • Firefox by Mozilla - An excellent internet web browser with many features and options. Faster than Internet Explorer and it can be customized any way you like. And it is free!

  • Click here for hints and tips for Firefox.

  • ThunderBird by Mozilla - An easy to setup and use free email utility program. If you use Gmail, Yahoo! or any other email service that allows you to push or pop this is the one to use. You do not have to know much more than your email address to setup this program.
Note: Look for these programs on the Mozilla Org page.

My Favorite Free Android App Picks:

  • Battery by MarcoPinch- Battery indicates the battery charge level of your device in percent. It is a wonderful little app!

  • Smooth Calendar by Carl Cedergren- A nice widget that is simple to use and displays one to six upcoming events on your home screen. Easy to customise. Works with the sync providers on your phone and thus supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Facebook etc. This should have been a standard widget.

Misc :

  • Packagetrackr- Universal package tracking service that is free. All you have to enter is your tracking number and click track. No need to sign in! Works well.

  • Dell BIOS Password Cracker- This web site tells you how to generate the password to unlock your Dell Bios. I used it to unlock a Dell Laptop. It worked and I highly recommend following the advice provided to unlock your Dell computer BIOS.

  • Free Texting from a computer- This is an article on how to send texts from your computer for free! Also, it tells you how to receive them.

Web site tools:

  • CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor by CoffeeCup Software - It is a great HTML editor with preview, the ability to preview in multiple browsers and other wonderful features. Also, comes in low cost version with a Visual Editor feature.

  • FileZilla by Tim Kosse - It is a great File Transfer Program (FTP). FileZilla is a wonderful FTP that is easy to use and very fast. Highly recommended!

Linux & WordPress Test Site Set-up:

  • Universal USB Installer by Pendrivelinux.com - This program will install your choice of Linux on a USB Stick. No hard work on your part, just follow the directions.

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