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I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have taken computer college level classes in a number of programming languages.

Got involved in micro-computers (today's home computers) in the late 70's. Started out on a Radio Shack TRS-80, their first computer. Built an expansion unit for it from a kit. Learned to program in assembly language. Built a S-100 Bus computer running CP/M, then built a Heathkit PC running MS-Dos and have had a succession of Windows© computers. Taught myself to use each operating system.

Been a micro-computer consultant, worked for a software company as support person for the support (help desk) people, did training, was in charge of a manufacturing plants HVAC and electrical systems plus many other jobs.

Also, I made this website.

I also created and run a blog named: Musings by Jumpin Jersey Mike, a WordPress platform site.

For those who have not figured it out, Joey is my dog.

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