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Major Geeks- A download software site and more. All software is checked for viruses and malware. Description page on each program and they are rated by the sites users. Also, it has site reviews and news. My number one place for looking for free and/or shareware software. There is even a users forum.

Cnet - Download software site plus reviews of software and hardware, news and other great stuff.

Kim Komando - Gives tips, software reviews and more. Signup for her newsletter, it is great!

Tucows - Another software download site. Very good. Also, can ask questions on a variety of operating systems.

Shelly Palmer Digital Living- This site has news, information, and podcasts from Shelly Palmers' show "Digital Living." Worth looking at the site and if his show is on in your area, watch it. The show is very well done and informative!

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